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Electric band heater

Electric band heater

Electric band heater

Further types

Electric band heater
Electric band heater

Basic information

The electric band heater from REISSMANN Sensor GmbH was developed specifically for the electric motor industry. These heating bands are delivered fully assembled and available in various lengths and performance types. The heating bands prevent the formation of condensation in the motors and also protect against frost damage.
If condensation develops inside the motor, this can cause creeping current and short circuits.


  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • In cold climates (permafrost)
  • High-humidity environments
  • For the direct integration on stator windings or in grooves

General function

The heating bands are supplied with voltage when the more shuts off. By heating the motor-stator above the dew point, the condensation of moisture on/in the motor is prevented.


  • Only silicone-free materials are used
  • Prevention of the "Silicon-gassing"
  • Protection of people and equipment from dangerous gases
  • Extremely flexible application in terms of performance, length and design


Data Sheet
Heating band
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