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For temperature monitoring

Basic information

The electronic module protects, in combination with temperature sensors, the winding from electrical machines (motors, generators, transformers…) and liquid or gaseous media.
Used properly, ensures reliable protection against thermal overload.
The user can define the level of warning. Whenever this limit is reached, it will trigger the corresponding relay outputs and an optical signal will be activated.
The temperature thresholds designated by the current temperature are always on the display screen.
Moreover, to improve readability, the backlight will turn on when you press a button.


  • For machines with hard start-up.
  • Or with impossible cooling system.
  • Those with excessive number of start-up.
  • Or with fast temperature peaks in the winding.

General function

Under normal conditions, the relays are activated. This means that there is no room for disallowed temperature increases. When exceeding one of the temperature thresholds set by the user (corresponding to a change in electric resistance), the corresponding relay automatically disconnects.
The thresholds are changeable during the running mode. Both signals, “error” or “warning”, are indicated by a status message on the screen.
If the temperature goes down again, it will reach the reclosure value of the electrical resistance, and the relay will be reactivated automatically.
It’s perfectly defined hysteresis cycle (T-R) guarantee a switch on-off system which prevents instabilities in the output values.
If the device detects a short circuit and a sensor break, will indicate it with a status warning in the screen. The failure signal „error“ will remain active while the fault is still on.


  • Easy installation on DIN rail in control cabinets.
  • Relay outputs with galvanic isolation.
  • High quality graphics with various display options.
  • Sensor-break detection.
  • Short-circuit detection.
  • Operates under the principle of closed circuit. That is, it works even if there is a power failure or power off the machine.
  • Countless applications for its wide range of AC and DC supply (in preparation).



Data Sheet
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