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For temperature monitoring

Further types

PTC / Si (KTY)
PTC / Si (KTY)
PTC / Si (KTY)
PTC / Si (KTY)
PTC / Si (KTY)

Basic information

Further information on this product is available at the page "Know-How Temperature Sensors".
The low-cost KTY-sensor is used for precise temperature monitoring, control, and switching in windings, bearings, machines, motors, transformers and many other industrial applications, where errors in measurements have to be excluded.


Analog measurement of temperatures, switching function for:

Household and consumer electronics (white + brown goods):

  • Temperature measurement of solid, liquid and gaseous media, temperature compensation of semiconductors

Data communications technology:

  • Temperature compensation of semiconductors

Industrial Electronics:

  • Continuous monitoring of motor temperatures in connection with a triggering device (no full protection)
  • Temperature compensation of copper coils, cold-junction compensation for thermocouples, temperature stabilization of laser diodes and photovoltaic cells (LCD), logging of process data (switching functions)

Automotive Technology:

  • Temperature measurement and monitoring for cooling water and oil, air conditioning of the passenger compartment

Heating and air conditioning:

  • Measurement of water temperature, intake air temperature, room temperature, for the self-cleaning process in ovens

Textile industry:

  • Filament temperature measurement

Indirect measurements:

  • Sensing and control of liquid levels, thermal conductivity of gases and liquids, flow velocity, leak tightness of tanks

General function

The silicon temperature sensors in the KTY84-1 series have a nearly linear, positive temperature coefficient of resistance over the complete wide temperature range.


  • low cost over a temperature range: -40 ... +300°C
  • larger output signal than Pt100
  • very long operation life
  • high long term stability
  • low weight
  • low thermal time constant

KTY-sensors are available as 84-1..-series, 83-1..-series and 81-1..-series. Please contact us, should you require further data sheets.


PTC / Si (KTY)

Data Sheet
PTC / Si (KTY)
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