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Battery-powered sprayer controller

Battery-powered sprayer controller

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Basic information

The electronics control a motor that pumps liquids from a storage tank to a hand-held sprayer with nozzle.



  • Portable battery-powered liquid pumps
  • For use in gardening and wine growing regions
  • For the targeted pest-control in remote locations


General function

The electronics for the pump controlling are powered by a 12V battery. Through a toggle-switch with 3 positions: I - 0 - II, is used to adjust the power of the pump.
In the "0" position the electronics and the pump motor are not energized. In the switch position "I", the control electronics are activated and the pump operates at 50% of the rated performance.



  • Fully electronic, wear-free control of the pump
  • Impermeable liquid shielding of the electronics
  • Protection of the pump motor against blockage through a fuse
  • Reverse polarity protected electronics
  • Protection of the electronics against electromagnetic interference
  • Low self-weight of the electronics