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KTY Converter control cabinet module DIN-rail

Basic information

The discontinuation of the KTY84 and KTY83 sensor types and an increasing use of Pt1000 sensors leads to lack of KTY sensor signal processing units. The converter allows the use of a KTY84 sensor in conjunction with evaluation electronics suitable only for Pt1000 sensors.
Old equipment with KTY sensors can be easily connected to newer control units.


Operation of motors, generators or other thermally sensitive devices equipped with KTY sensors by modern control units which expect Pt1000 sensors at the input.

General function

The converter evaluates the resistance of a KTY84 and provides the corresponding resistance of a Pt1000 sensor. When connected to a KTY84, the converter replaces a Pt1000 sensor.


  • No need to change a motor or other equipment containing a KTY sensor when replacing the control unit.
  • Connection of devices with different sensors to one control unit is possible.
  • Spare parts with KTY-sensors can be used in newer systems.


Data Sheet
KTY Converter control cabinet module
PDF 408kB Download]