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RC module

Overvoltage protector

Basic information

The interference suppression module is used for radio shielding of magnetic coils and AC motors.



The interference suppression module is applied where electromagnetic emission has to be suppressed during the switching of magnetic coils and motors, e.g.:

  • especially for AC motors in star connection
  • optional for AC motors in delta connection
  • optional for single-phase motors
  • relay coils


General function

The interference suppression module reduces overvoltage peaks which result from the switching of magnetic coils and motors.
This self-induction voltage can be multiple kV and this can lead to electromagnetic disturbances in electric devices, to the destruction of insulators, or damageable electronic componentry.



  • universally applicable for magnetic coils and for AC motors up to 7.5 kVA
  • compact housing for mounting in and at the motor terminal block
  • high energy consumption and at the same time a good damping of high- and low-frequency voltage peaks: RC/VDR-1
  • very fast limitation and damping of high-frequency voltage peaks: RC-3, RC-3S
  • optional polarity



Data Sheet
RC module
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