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Starting relay for starter capacitors

About start capacitor relay

Further types

Basic information

The ERA electronic relay controls the motor and start capacitor by means of an electronic adjustable time switch.


The main function of the electronic relay is to control the connection between the start capacitor and the motor and is particularly suitable for applications demanding frequent switching.

  • single phase motors
  • three phase motors at single phase

General function

The start capacitor is switched off after an adjustable time delay. The time delay corresponds to the time required, for the motor to achieve nominal rotary speed, after start up.


  • high reliability throughout its life, produced through wear free, non-moving components
  • compact construction for mounting inside the motor terminal box
  • easier to install and adjust than centrifugal switches
  • optimum setting of motor torque, by means of adjustable switch off time, of the start capacitor
  • complete suppression of sparking during switching, unlike mechanical switches
  • higher tripping currents but compact device


Data Sheet
Start capacitor relay
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