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For temperature monitoring

Basic information

The motor protection relay TMS-Basic monitors the temperature of motor windings. The TMS-Basic can handle the typical sensors used and prevents the protected device from overheating.



  • Overload start condition
  • Frequent starts
  • Blocked rotor of the motor
  • Dropout of a phase
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • operation with different inverters
  • transformer protection
  • Temperature monitoring of high power semiconductors
  • high temperatures up to +200°C

General function

The relay measures the resistance of a sensor and calculates the corresponding temperature. It is able to handle Pt100, Pt1000, KTY84-130 and PTC sensors. In normal working condition the relay is actuated. When
the detected temperature exceeds the preset temperature the relay opens the contact. A SPDT relay is used so a normally closed and a normally opened pair of contacts is present.
If the temperature has decreased 5K under preset temperature the relay is activated again. The hysteresis assure a well defined switching operation.
The electronic detects short and open circuit. The integrated LED displays all important operation conditions.


  • Switching temperature adjustable
  • Works with all typical sensors
  • short and open circuit detection
  • fail safe mode as relay actuated in normal condition
  • Direct measurement of motor temperature
  • very large temperature range
  • perfect dimensions of the module
  • excellent value for money





Data Sheet
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