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Temperature transmitter

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Basic information

The resistance signal of the Pt100 sensor is linear implemented in a standard signal 0 ... 5/10V (0/4 ... 20mA).
At the same time the Transmitter controls the advance warning temperature and the Turn-off -temperature. Are these limits is reached, they will be visually on the front panel LED‘s signals.
Parallel to this are two relays (NO or NC) ab. If there is no undue rise in temperature, then the output relays are attracted (quiescent current principle). If the limit is reached, it falls from the corresponding relay. The Parametierung of the switching-points will be adjusted according to customer request factory. This is an immediate operational readiness, without additional preconfiguration, is possible. Three multi-colored LEDs on the front panel indicate the operational status, warning- or turn-off -status, sensor short circuit or sensor failure.



The temperature transmitter is used for thermal protection and monitoring of:

  • electric motors and machnies
  • electrical geneerators
  • transformers
  • heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVACR)
  • components of the chemical industry
  • Power semiconductors (heat sinks)


General function

The temperature transmitter Pt100-TR converts the sensor signal on input to temperature linear standard signal (0 ... 20 mA/ 4 ... 20 mA or 0 ...5 V/0 ... 10 V) and makes this signal galvanic isolated available at the output.In normal operation the relay is activated, e.g. there is no thermal overload of the device. When the temperature of the Pt100-sensor exceeds the first tripping point (Advance warning temperature), the specific relay is deactivated, (e.g. relay switches off) and triggers the power cut-off to the equipment, which it is monitoring. A fall in temperature causes re-activation of the relay (e.g. relay switches on) and allows the equipment to be re-started. The relay switches on automatically when the temperature has fallen by 5°C approx. (adjustable by manufacturer).
When the temperature of the Pt100-sensor exceeds the second tripping point (Turn-offtemperature), the specific relay is deactivated. It works in the same way as the other relay. Break and short circuit in the sensor circuit, are indicated by means of an LED and the switch-off relay is deactivated. The configuration of measurement range and tripping points are provided by the manufacturer on request of the customer.



  • 3-port isolation provides protection against erroneous measurements due to parasitic voltages or ground loops, protects service personnel and downstream devices against impermissibly high voltage.
  • Wide range power supply for 18...72 V DC is applicable world-wide for all common supply voltages.
  • Increasing the accuracy of measurement by using „sensor-transmitter maching“.
  • Ultra small sized housing saves space in your switch cabinet.
  • The unit’s high efficiency of >82% contributes significantly to reducing the unit’s own heat generation to <3W.
  • Temperature tripping points continuously adjustable over a wide range according to customer’s requirements: -200°C ... +1000°C.
  • Wire breakage and short circuit in the sensor circuit are indicated.
  • The  device operates according to the closed circuit current principle. This guarantees the secure stopping of the electrical machine, even in the event of a power blackout.


Data Sheet
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