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[Translate to English:] PT Konverter

Our latest development is our KTY-PT converter. With this device, we have created an opportunity for our customers to continue…

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Thermistors · Measuring rheostats · Temperature sensors

Multi-function units and innovative mechanical design produces products with a universal utilisation across many industries... more ]

Components for drive control and protection of switching

Modular protection units and controlling devices have been developed and constructed for driving machinery and switch plants... more ]

Flowmeters and levelprobes

Flowmeters and level probes, operating calometrically for the control of liquids and gases of various viscosities... more ]

Engineering & Advisory

In cooperation with you, our experienced engineers and technicians can develop tailor-made holistic solutions and sophisticated testing systems ...   more ]

Complete solutions

We offer you complete solutions to the full extent: Assembly of all components, premium quality control ...   more ]