Because it affects us all.

The responsible use of resources has been a key principle at REISSMANN Sensortechnik for many years. This includes, for example, using less packaging materials, recycling, and converting our roof areas to accommodate a photovoltaic system with an output of almost 300 kWp, which covers almost 60 % of our demand – and on sunny days allows us to supply ourselves fully self-sufficiently and even feed electricity into the grid. Charging stations are available for our employees to charge their e-bikes and electric cars. We have also reduced our emissions and converted to digitalisation to increase our energy efficiency. The heating systems in both halls have also been converted to a district heating connection which is operated by a local agricultural biogas plant, meaning that we are independent of the gas supply, i.e. not reliant on fossil fuels.

Building view REISSMANN
E-bike charging station
Charging station e-vehicle

Environmental and climate protection are part of our corporate strategy, documented by management systems and ISO 14001 certification.