Grew, flourished and stayed rooted.

Markus Storz, Managing Director

Markus Storz


REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH

In the opinion of Markus Storz, current proprietor of REISSMANN Sensortechnik, the company stands for continuity.

Consistency also characterises its history. Company founder Hans-Joachim Reißmann writes the first chapter from his home in Schwäbisch Hall. Driven by a vision of producing temperature sensors, he tinkers away in his sons’ former nursery. Initially, each cable is trimmed to length and soldered by hand.

The business concept is well received, and in 1993 he establishes REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH. The first employees continue to work from home, but the young company resolutely establishes itself on the market and erects its premises in Rosengarten-Uttenhofen.

A great deal has happened at REISSMANN Sensortechnik in the three decades since the company was founded. The portfolio has expanded: Our products are installed in manually-operated machines from a range of brand manufacturers, in motors for dentistry, in generators for ship compressors and wind turbines for example, and much more besides. One focus of production is on the assembly of sensor technology for electric drives and their temperature measurement.

What once began in an infant’s nursery is now delivered worldwide and is in operation on every continent.


Advanced technology in harmony with nature.

Our sense of responsibility towards our environment and our society counts among the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Advanced technology and economic efficiency unite with customer orientation and ecological responsibility towards nature, something that we underline with a 299.3 kWp photovoltaic system and the fact that we use no fossil fuels for heating; we opt for district heating from the local biogas plant here.

We are committed to complying with environmental laws and standards, continuously improving our environmental management system and constantly minimising negative environmental impacts. We want to involve all employees and keep the public fully informed.

Collaborative partnerships and shared objectives with customers, suppliers and employees have helped us to guarantee the highest level of functional reliability with our products. We also satisfy key environmental requirements. For example through energy savings, using environmentally friendly substances, increasing the service life of materials and systems, ensuring the functionality of process sequences, and ensuring the health and safety of the people who operate the systems.

As a medium sized company, we respond with the greatest possible flexibility to individual requirements and to self-evident quality standards. Using our imagination, a wealth of ideas, knowledge and experience, we will continue to work in a future-oriented manner to harmonise economic efficiency and technical progress with nature and the environment.

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REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH has enjoyed success on the market for many years in the field of temperature, flow and level measurement technology. This is the result of intensive collaboration with customers and suppliers.
Innovation, progressive thinking and highly trained specialists guarantee that REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH will continue to be the right partner for drive technology in the future

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Successfully represented on the market since 1993.

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At both sites (Rosengarten and Hamelin).


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REISSMANN enjoys close ties with the region, and we support many projects, associations and care facilities in our community through sponsorship.