Cable assembly

With complex automatic cut-to-length and cable assembly machines, it is possible to satisfy the most diverse cable processing and crimping technology requirements, as well as the highest quality standards. This is where we perform intermediate stages of our quality testing for example, such as crimp contact height measurements, pull-out force measurements and visual inspections.

Alongside complex automatic cable machines, modern, flexible cut-to-length machines are also available for cable processing. These serve to fulfil the most diverse customer requirements for even the smallest cable cross-sections with a wide variety of insulation materials.

Depending on the application, customised cable processing is carried out for a range of cable variants and different types of insulation – from single cores or combinations of these to multi-core sheathed cables including shielding, including equipping the ends with corresponding contacts / enclosures or electronic components.

Special cable assembly
Previously, we processed cables with diameters of approx. 0.05 mm² up to max. 2.5 mm². However, we are now able to offer you the processing including crimping of cables with cross-sections of up to 70 mm². Thanks to our expansion in the area of cable processing machines, we now have access to further cable assembly markets in higher power classes.

We have the right solution
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