KTY converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

Electronic device technology / converter

KTY converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

The converter analyses a KTY84 sensor and outputs the equivalent Pt1000 resistance.
A KTY sensor can therefore be operated on evaluation electronics for Pt1000 sensors.

Operation of temperature-monitored devices with KTY sensor on controllers and regulators with Pt1000 input. When switching from KTY sensors to Pt1000 sensors, an existing device with KTY sensors can also be operated on a modern control unit.

The converter analyses the resistance of a KTY sensor and converts it into equivalent Pt1000 sensor resistance. At the output of the converter, the resistance of a potentiometer is set according to the measured temperature. The converter with connected KTY sensor can therefore replace a Pt sensor.

Simple conversion of individual assemblies in a system, independent of the temperature sensors or sensor inputs. Different sensors can be economically combined in one system.

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KTY converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

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