Pt converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

Electronic device technology / converter

KTY converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

The converter analyses a Pt sensor and outputs the equivalent KTY resistance.
A Pt sensor can therefore be operated on evaluation electronics for KTY sensors.

Operation of motors or generators with Pt sensor on controllers with KTY input.

The converter analyses the resistance of a Pt100 or Pt1000 sensor and converts it into equivalent KTY sensor resistance. This eliminates the need for the user to replace the frequency converter or similar control devices that are tuned to the signal of a KTY sensor.
At the output of the converter, the resistance of a potentiometer is set according to the measured temperature. The converter with connected Pt sensor can therefore replace a KTY sensor.

  • No need to replace the control electronics or software when converting to motors with Pt sensor.
  • It is possible to operate motors with different temperature sensors on one controller.
  • Newer models with Pt sensors can also be used for repairs.
  • No reliance on the availability of KTY sensors.
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PT converter DIN rail switch cabinet module

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