Brake rectifier

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Brake rectifier

Brake rectifiers are used to supply DC voltage to electromagnetic brake coils that release or apply electromechanical brakes on electric motors.

The brake rectifiers are used in all areas where electrical machines are required to stop quickly for safety reasons, to avoid danger to personnel and machinery, e.g:

  • Cranes
  • Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Conveyor systems
  • Machine tools

Brake rectifiers with overexcitation are primarily used in areas where particularly rapid starting of the motor under load is required.

Brake rectifiers generate rectified voltage from alternating voltage. This feeds the brake coil of a motor disc brake. The rectifiers are operated in a half-wave or bridge circuit. They switch off the electromechanical brakes on the AC or DC side.

  • Maximum reliability thanks to the use of high quality rectifier diodes
  • Compact design for installation in the motor connection box, optionally on DIN standard rail
  • Rapid release of the electromechanical brakes on electric motors thanks to semiconductor switches
  • Reduces wear on the electromechanical brake
  • Energy savings of 50% when the brake is released
  • Avoids disruptive AC humming noises from the brake coils
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Brake rectifier

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