PTC / slot resistance thermometer

Sensor technology / temperature

PTC-slot resistance thermometer

The platinum sensor serves as a measuring resistor for high precision temperature measurement and monitoring in all areas of application in which only the smallest possible measuring errors are acceptable. The strictly linear dependency of the resistance on the temperature simplifies the use of electronic analyses. The precision of the sensor allows it to be universally used for temperature monitoring with limit value switching in bearings, machines, motor and transformer windings, systems, etc.

Temperature monitoring on bearings, busbars, machine parts and in windings.

The platinum sensor is a temperature-dependent component. If the temperature increases, the resistance of the platinum sensor also increases on a linear basis.

  • Very accurate measurement:
  • From -50 °C to +800 °C, tolerance ±0.5 °C
  • Very good linearity of the temperature-resistance characteristic
  • Low mass
  • Rapid response time

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