PTC / thermistor

Sensor technology / temperature


PTC thermistors for motor and machine protection are special ceramic resistors. Due to their very high positive temperature coefficient at nominal response temperature (TNAT or TNF), they are suitable for a wide range of applications in electrical and electronic engineering.

Special designs enable specific applications as overtemperature protection for monitoring windings in motors and transformers with high thermal loads or in mechanical engineering for monitoring the temperature of plain bearings or in industrial electronics for monitoring the temperature of heat sinks in power semiconductors.

The PTC thermistor for thermal machine protection is a temperature-dependent component. In the range of the nominal response temperature, which corresponds to the Curie point of the ceramic, the PTC resistance rises very steeply with the smallest temperature changes (switching function).

  • Precise reproducibility at the response point
  • Any number of hysteresis-free switching cycles
  • Very low costs
  • Steep temperature-resistance characteristic enables simple evaluation electronics
  • Low mass
  • Self-limiting current
  • Rapid response time
  • Schnelle Ansprechzeit
  • Smallest designs possible
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PTC thermistor

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