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Current relay UL

Generator effects can delay the timely action of DC brakes. The UL-approved current relay prevents delayed engaging of the mechanical brakes on electric motors. Timely braking prevents a risk of damage to personnel and machinery.

The current relay is used in all areas where an electrical machine is required to stop quickly for safety reasons, to avoid danger to personnel and machinery, e.g:

  • Cranes
  • Lifts
  • Hoists
  • Machine tools

The current relay electronically disconnects the brake coil from the DC voltage, thereby also reducing the motor braking time.

  • Rapid demagnetisation of the brake
  • Shorter motor brake engaging time
  • Faster build-up of the braking torque
  • Short braking distance with high repeat accuracy
  • Wear-free switching of the brake coil current
  • High degree of safety for hoist drives and machine tools
  • UL-certified

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UL current relay

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