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Alternative to the discontinued KTY84-130 sensor

Please also read the page “Know-how – Temperature sensors” for this product.

The KTY sensor is used to measure and monitor critical temperatures on surfaces and inside machines and systems. In harsh industrial applications, the sensor can be used in all areas where accurate measurements are required with a cost effective sensor.

Analogue measurement of temperatures, switching function for:

Household and consumer electronics (white + brown goods):

  • Temperature measurement of solid, liquid and gaseous media, temperature compensation of semiconductors

Data communication technology:

  • Temperature compensation of semiconductors

Industrial electronics:

  • Continuous monitoring of the motor temperature in conjunction with a trigger device (no full protection)
  • Temperature compensation of copper coils, reference junction compensation of thermocouples, temperature stabilisation of laser diodes and photo elements (LCD), logging of process data (switching functions)

Automotive technology:

  • Cooling water and oil temperature measurement and monitoring, air conditioning of the passenger compartment

Heating and air conditioning technology:

  • Measurement of water temperature, intake air temperature, room temperature, for self-cleaning process in ovens

Textile industry:

  • Thread temperature measurement

Indirect measurements:

  • Sampling and control of liquid levels, thermal conductivity of gases and liquids, flow velocity, leak-tightness of tanks

The KTY sensor is a temperature-dependent component. If the temperature increases, the resistance of the KTY sensor also increases. Its characteristic curve is almost linear inside the measuring range.

  • Low costs in the temperature range: -40 to 300 °C
  • Larger useful signal than Pt100
  • Low mass
  • Rapid response time
  • Very long service life
  • High long-term stability

KTY sensors are also available as 83-1.. and 81-1.. series sensors, in addition to the form presented here (84-1.. series). Please get in touch with us if you are interested in the data sheets.

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