Electronic flow monitor

Electronic device technology / flow monitor

Electronic flow monitor

The SW20 electronic flow monitor monitors when flowing media in all types of containers fall below the limit values, signals critical conditions and triggers an alarm.

The electronic flow monitor is used in all areas where it is necessary to monitor the flow rate limit values of liquid media and air, e.g

  • All types of tanks
  • Pipelines / pipework systems
  • Laboratories
  • Filter systems
  • Cleaning systems

The electronic flow monitor works according to the calorimetric principle. It detects the flowing medium and emits an equivalent electrical signal. The heated measuring probe is cooled by the surrounding medium. This change is identified and evaluated. Detection of the stored threshold value is signalled by an LED and an additional relay that provides both an NO and NC contact. If the threshold value is set for a certain flow velocity, heating of the medium must be avoided.

  • Compact design
  • Supply with 24 V DC or 230 V AC
  • Self-sealing housing
  • Freely adjustable switching point for signalling
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Electronic flow monitor

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