Electric band heaters

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Electric band heaters

Electric band heaters from REISSMANN Sensortechnik GmbH have been specially developed for the electric motor industry. These heater bands are supplied ready-made and in a wide variety of lengths and power outputs. The heater bands prevent condensation forming in the motors and also guard against frost damage.
If condensation forms inside the motor, leakage currents and short circuits can occur.

  • Electric motors
  • Generators
  • In cold zones (permafrost)
  • Environments with high levels of humidity
  • For integration directly on stator windings or in slots

Voltage is applied to the heater bands when the motor switches off. Heating the motor stator above the dew point prevents moisture condensing on/in the motor.

  • Exclusive use of silicone-free materials
  • Prevention of “silicone outgassing”
  • Personnel and systems protected from hazardous gases
  • Extremely flexible in terms of performance, length and design
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Electric band heaters

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