Multi-pole sensor cable

Cable assembly

Multi-pole sensor cable

Sensor cables establish the electrical connection between the sensor element and the control electronics.
This includes sensor contacting, insulation, cable insulation and cable connection contacting.

  • Used in all areas where sensors need to be connected to evaluation electronics
  • In combination with mains voltage cables
  • Control cables for conveyor and lifting technology
  • Flat ribbon cables
  • Wide range of customised requirements
  • Sample series
  • Pilot series
  • Small and large series
  • Single wires and strands per AWG 30 to AWG 14
  • Cross-sections from 0.057 to 1.941 mm2
  • Multi-core sheathed cables up to an outer diameter of 10 mm
  • Shielded/unshielded cables
  • Taped or extruded cable insulation
  • Special insulations::
    – PVC
    – Silicone
    – Teflon
    – Polyimide
    – PEEK

Sensor cables carry the electrical signal of the sensor element to the connection with the control and regulation electronics. At the same time, they assume the complete protective function of the sensor, the connecting cables and the connecting plugs against circuits carrying mains voltage and against mechanical, chemical and thermal loads.

  • Perfection when it comes to cables
  • Customer wishes fully satisfied:
    – Flexible
    – Fast
    – Economical
    – Reliable
    – In the specified quality standard, with unbeatable advice and know-how

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