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Components for drive control and protection of switching

Modular protection units and controlling devices have been developed and constructed for driving machinery and switch plants.
Examples of this range are as follows:
Rectifiers with different yields (performance, power standards) for DC brakes. Dependant on the application there are rectifiers with integrated voltage relays, with additional mechanical relay contacts, or with contacts for electronic current relays to reduce brake release reaction time, which is necessary for hoisting and conveyor systems, machine tools and moulding systems.

Examples of applications

Electronic capacitor start relays for AC motors. Surge protection units, spark quenchers for preventing the emission of electromagnetic fields. PTC relays in connection with PTC thermistors and PTC-Si (KTY-) also Pt 100 or Pt 100 sensors for thermal protection of machinery.

Speed or revolution counters of the inductive type or using Hall effect transducers have been proven in the machine tool- and car industries.



After 8 years since the discontinuation (01/2015) of the KTY84-family, we have to inform you that…

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