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Brake rectifier

For DC supply

Further types

Basic information

The type 45 brake rectifier is used to supply DC operated disc brakes on small motors where standard release reaction times of the brake are required.


The brake rectifier is used to stop electrical machines quickly to avoid dangerous conditions for people and machines:

  • Cranes
  • Lifts
  • Elevating machines
  • Machine tools

General function

The brake rectifier type 45... develops the DC voltage, supply to DC operated disc brakes on motors. All brake rectifiers operate as half-wave or full-wave rectifiers.


  • the use of avalanche type rectifier diodes gives improved product reliability
  • compact housing for mounting at the motor terminal block
  • quick release of electro mechanical brakes, on electric motors, by the use of contact-free switches
  • minimises wear on the electromechanical brake
  • 50% energy saving with optimised brake release performance
  • elimination of AC noise from the brake coil windings


Data Sheet
Brake rectifier
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