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Current relay

About current relay

Basic information

Generator effects can delay the accurately timed action of a DC brake. The current relay avoids a delayed reaction time in the mechanical brakes of electric motors. The accurately timed braking action prevents damage to people and machines.



The current relay is used where an electric machine has to be stopped quickly to prevent danger to people or machinery, e.g:

  • cranes
  • lifts
  • elevating machines
  • machine tools


General function

The current relay switches off the DC voltage to the brake coil, electronically and contact free, consequently shortening the braking time of the motor.



  • fast demagnetisation of the brake
  • shortening of the reaction time of the motor brake
  • faster release of the brake
  • faster build up of braking torque
  • short braking distances with a high repeat accuracy
  • contact free switching of the current of the braking coils
  • increased motor life
  • decreased initial symmetrical short-circuit current
  • greater safety with elevating machines and machine tools



Data Sheet
Current relay
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